Tickets for the Handball European Championship 2022 in Hungary and Slovakia

Handball EHF EURO 2022 tickets for Budapest now on sale - Other locations to follow

The EHF EURO 2022 in Hungary and Slovakia is already casting its shadow ahead: From now on, the Handball European Championship 2022 tickets are available online! This way, die-hard handball fans already have the opportunity to secure one of the much sought-after tickets for next year’s Men´s European Championship (January 13 - 30). Where you can order tickets for the EHF EURO in Hungary and Slovakia and what you should know beforehand, you can find out on this page!


Spoiler: Some teams are already qualified and they have already been allocated to certain groups. Germany for example will start in group D in Bratislava, Hungary in Group B (Budapest), Slovakia in Group F (Kosice) and Croatia in Group C (Szeged). For some of these groups, ticket packages are already available!

Information about the Handball European Championship 2022 tickets

Almost exactly one year before the start of the European Championship 2022 in Hungary and Slovakia, the first tickets have gone on sale. As of now, the handball EHF EURO tickets for the venues Budapest, Kosice and Bratislava are available!

For the time being, the tickets will be sold exclusively via the EHF ticket platform, but there are many indications that local sales via Eventim will also take place. Eventim is the EHF's permanent ticketing partner.

Tickets Budapest

Ticket packages for Budapest can now be purchased. The Hungarian capital will host preliminary round matches as well as matches of the main round and finally the final weekend (January 28-30) of the European Championship 2022. Interested handball fans have the opportunity to buy tickets for the entire preliminary round phase, the entire main round, the final weekend or for the entire tournament at the Budapest venue.

So far, individual tickets are only available for the opening match on January 13, 2022.

Tickets Bratislava

Ticket bundles are also on sale for Bratislava, but no individual matches yet.

For Germany fans, this can still be interesting! For example, it is possible to buy tickets for the entire preliminary round group D, in which the German team is participating.

There are also ticket packages for the preliminary round group E and the main round.

It is currently not known when individual matches will also be available in advance.


Tickets Kosice

Only the preliminary round group F will play its matches in Kosice. Matches of the main round will not take place here. Therefore, only ticket packages for the preliminary round of group F are available in advance for Kosice.


Again, there is no information about the sale of tickets for individual matches yet.

Prices of EHF EURO 2022 tickets

Ticket prices at the major finals of the World Cup and European Championship usually vary greatly depending on location, tournament progress and other factors. However, the European Handball Championship ticket prices published so far seem to be fair: Ticket prices in Budapest start at 20 euros per match day (several matches) and from 106 euros for the complete final weekend of the EHF Euro 2022. In the other venues, tickets even become a bit cheaper and start in Szeged, for example, at 14 euros (two matches). The ticket packages for Kosice and Bratislava are also very pleasantly priced: From as little as 78 euros, fans in Category 3 can watch the entire preliminary round matches in Groups E or F.


Prices of the ticket package with tickets for all matches of the German preliminary round group D/E/F:

  • Category 1: 132 Euro
  • Category 2: 105 Euro
  • Category 3: 78 Euro

Prices main round, ticket package for all matches in Bratislava:

  • Category 1: 284 Euro
  • Category 2: 248 Euro
  • Category 3: 212 Euro

The prices of the EHF EURO 2022 tickets in Budapest differ from the other venues and are also calculated in Forint. The prices mentioned here have been converted.


Ticket Package Preliminary Round Group B:

  • Category 1: 145 Euro
  • Category 2: 117 Euro
  • Category 3: 87 Euro
  • Category 4: 59 Euro

Ticket package main round group 1:

  • Category 1: 252 Euro
  • Category 2: 201 Euro
  • Category 3: 151 Euro
  • Category 4: 100 Euro

Final weekend:

  • Category 1: 336 Euro
  • Category 2: 270 Euro
  • Category 3: 192 Euro
  • Category 4: 106 Euro

Package prices and discounts

As is now customary for major tournaments in handball, there are some combination packages or ticket bundles for each venue for the European Handball Championship 2022, which have gone on sale first. The exact prices of these ticket packages can be found above. So there is a total ticket per venue, but also the possibility to secure ticket bundles only for certain preliminary round groups, or the main round at a certain venue.


Discounts for certain age groups are also offered: Children between 4 - 18 years and seniors over 65 years get about 25% discount on their tickets for the European Handball Championship. Children between 0 and 3 years of age have free access to the matches of the EHF EURO 2022 and do not need a ticket. However, in this case there is no entitlement to a seat.

Playing schedule for the European Championship 2022

It is unfortunately an eternal point of discussion between the players and the officials of handball: The game schedule of the European Championship and World Cup finals. But for the European Championship in Hungary and Slovakia, a good solution with more rest days seems to have been found.

The 2022 European Championship will start on Thursday, January 13. On January 19, the main round will start, so that the semifinals can take place in Budapest on Friday, January 28. In contrast to previous World and European Championships, the finals will not be played directly the next day, but there will be a one-day break. Only on Sunday, the 30.01.2022 will be played who will be the new European Handball Champion!


By the way, handball fans can download a nice official playing schedule with the provisional dates and matches here.

Venues of the 2022 European Handball Championship in Hungary and Slovakia

The 2022 European Handball Championship will be held at a total of five venues. Slovakia will provide two locations, while Hungary will be represented with three venues. Due to the large number of enthusiastic handball nations as neighbouring countries to Hungary and Slovakia, the individual cities and arenas will certainly develop into real cauldrons and strongholds of the respective nations.


Here is an overview of the venues for the Men´s European Championship 2022 in Hungary and Slovakia:

  • Bratislava (Slovakia)

  • Kosice (Slovakia)
  • Budapest (Hungary)
  • Debrecen (Hungary)
  • Szeged (Hungary)


In Bratislava, directly at the Slovakian border to Austria, the German national team will play its preliminary round matches! Here, with the groups D and E, even two groups carry out their preliminary rounds and the main round will take place here as well. In Group E, neighbouring country Czech Republic is seeded, but not qualified yet. If the Czech Republic manages to qualify, this will obviously increase the demand for the EHF EURO 2022 tickets in this group enormously, as they are a neighbouring country.


Teams playing the preliminary round in Bratislava: Germany, Czech Republic (if qualified).


In Slovakia, not far from the border with Hungary, lies the city of Kosice. This is where host Slovakia will start the European Championship 2022 in Group F. The Steel Arena can seat 8,350 spectators, making this venue the second largest in the country. Since its opening in 2006, the arena has hosted ice hockey games in particular, but for the European Handball Championship, the ice will be thawed and indoor flooring will be laid. The European Championship tickets for Kosice will certainly be in great demand, so do not hesitate to buy them in advance.


Teams playing the preliminary round in Kosice: Slovakia.


The Hungarian capital Budapest will also get a new arena - and what a spectacular arena! 20,000 spectators are to experience the preliminary round, the main round and of course the final weekend of the European Handball Championship 2022! When finished, the New Budapest Arena will be the biggest indoor arena in Europe. The opening match of host Hungary will also take place here, which will also be the very first event taking place in the new arena. By the way: The construction progress of the arena can be followed here via this link.


Teams playing the preliminary round in Budapest: Hungary.


Debrecen is perhaps far less well known than the Hungarian capital Budapest, but it is the second largest city in the country. The Főnix Hall has a capacity of around 8,000 spectators and will be home to the matches of the preliminary round Group A. If Slovenia qualifies for the European Championship finals, Debrecen will be the site for the Slovenian team in the preliminary round. Although Slovenia is not a host country, but due to the geographical proximity, it is safe to assume that fans will make the journey and turn the Főnix Hall into a witches' cauldron. Slovenian handball fans should therefore pay very close attention to the advance ticket sales for Debrecen.


Teams playing the preliminary round in Debrecen: Slovenia (if qualified).


Szeged regularly hosts top-class handball matches, so in this respect the city should be perfectly prepared for the EHF EURO 2022. With a new hall for about 10,000 spectators, the Pick Arena, another highlight of the European Championship is being built here. Szeged will host the preliminary round matches of Group C, in which Croatia, among others, will start. By the way, it is only 160 kilometers to the Croatian border, a distance that will certainly be taken by numerous fans. So ticket alert here, too!


Teams playing the preliminary round in Szeged: Croatia.

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